What is MariTimes?

MariTimes is an Cloud platform that help to improve services for, mainly recreational boating. Above there are a list of the available device ready to be installed into your boat to define "your connected boat"
SAIL BOX is the main system installed into boat. This device is responsible to connect other devices between them. Furthernore, it's rensponsible to manage offine data if the internet connection is not available. You must have only one BOX installed into your boat. You can easily pair MariTimes devices to the BOX building then your boat network topology. You can show an example of network boat topology clicking this web page site . The data communication between devices and remote systems are fully crypted with a 128bit key, hidding then the data to others

Thanks to the LOGGER device, you will be able to track the movements of your boat. This device has on board a GPS system able to record the movements with a detail of a few meters. The LOGGER device stores the movements in its internal memory and, on user request, uploads to MariTimes platform to be visible thanks to a map-trip web page. It is also possible to associate the device with your SAILBOX so as to make available the data collected to the on-board services.

This device enable the integration of your fishfinder to the MariTimes system. You could connect any fishfinder with RS232 communication port with NMEA 183 protocol output. The NMEA data will be received by MariTimes devices

A very little device with a big capability, check the roll, pitch and yaw angles of your boat every milliseconds to display it to visual systems or communicates data to SAIL BOX system in order to take the right decision to correct your pace