Define your connected-BOAT

Are you ready to define your onboard system and connect to the platform? Follow these step for each device to install your device and connect to your "connected boat"
First, compliments for your new boat device. Now your device needs first configuration setup. Each device are shipped without any configurations. These steps will guide to setup the device, connecting it to your MariTimes account. Unpack your device and follow the next steps
Before starting, make sure you have access to the MariTimes platform. To access it is simple, just log in via your social account. The connection key will be the email associated to your social account. You can see only the data of the devices connected to your mail. The procedure of the next steps involves a configuration on the device side and the activation on the site. If you have logged in, you can proceed in the next step.
Turn on the device and with the smartphone or a laptop find and connect to the device using WiFi. To connect, use the initial factory settings. Access from your browser to the defautl URL and you will be able to access the device configuration panels.
Now you will need to enter some information that will be used to configure the device. Enter a valid email address linked to your MariTimes web account. The "PAIRCODE" field is a maximum 6-digit code that will be used to encrypt data communication between the device and the cloud. Finally, enter the credentials of your WiFi to make the connection to the internet at the next restart. Proceed by saving the configuration.
The device will issue a 4-digit code that must be used during the second phase of the recording. The second registration phase takes place directly from the MariTimes website. We do this procedure to make sure no one else can connect to your devices.
Now connected to the MariTimes website by logging in with your account. Access the registration page new device and enter the latest information useful to complete the process. You will be asked to assign a unique name to your device, to enter the code "PAIRCODE" that you had decided in the previous step and to enter the 4-digit code issued by the device. Proceed by sending the data.
You will receive an email from MariTimes service within a few minutes with a registration confirmation link. Also in this case we do this to verify your identity and avoid unpleasant intrusions. Open the link in the email to complete the registration process.
Now the device at the next restart can connect to the MariTimes platform by accessing the services. You will see that the device has been added to your network by accessing the web page